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Monday Distillery

Apertiz Spritz by Monday Distillery and BONNIE and NEIL

Apertiz Spritz by Monday Distillery and BONNIE and NEIL

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Introducing our Aperitz Spritz - a ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic spritz that delivers all the taste of gin and vermouth without the hangover.

Available in single or 4 pack, with an RRP of $5.50-7.50 and $20-23 respectively, this sunny afternoon refresher features a blend of spiced-gin and vermouth inspired tastes, infused with Italian orange, grapefruit, aromatic rosemary, cherry, and a hint of espresso and smoked vanilla.

We've partnered with leading Australian textiles brand Bonnie and Neil to create a package that captures the essence of summer, so you can sip in style without the worry of a morning-after headache.

With a refreshing, carbonated taste and sugar-free formula, Aperitz Spritz is the perfect choice for saying cheers with mates and saying goodbye to hangovers. Forever tasteful and always satisfying, Aperitz Spritz is the ideal way to enjoy a delicious adult spritz without getting blitzed.

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