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Monday Distillery

Dram & Dry by Monday Distillery

Dram & Dry by Monday Distillery

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Introducing Dram & Dry - a whiskey-inspired, alcohol-free beverage with a mellow dry ginger zing that is sure to please.

Everyone loves a night out, but sometimes the consequences can be daunting. With Dram & Dry, you can enjoy the taste of whiskey without the wobbles. We blend a dram of smokey malt flavor with a refreshing, yet mild dry ginger taste that leaves you wanting more. It's a straight-up crowd-pleaser that's sure to keep your spirits high and your mind clear. It's a pub lover's favorite without the hangover.

Our recipe is made with distilled botanicals and extracts, including local and imported ingredients such as ginger, whiskey flavor, oak extract, natural flavors, stevia, and citric acid. It's refreshing, carbonated taste will make you feel like you're sipping a real whiskey while keeping your health in check.

Dram & Dry is alcohol-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free, with no artificial additives or flavors. It's naturally sweetened with stevia, making it a healthier option for those who enjoy the taste of whiskey.

Drink it anytime, anywhere, and drive safely. High spirits, clear minds - cheers to Monday!

Try Dram & Dry today and experience the taste of whiskey without the hangover. #cheerstomonday

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