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Lunae Sparkling

Rose Water by Lunae Sparkling

Rose Water by Lunae Sparkling

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Enjoy the beautiful hydration of our Rose Water, botanically infused and positively charged with a 24 hour immersion of Rose Quartz crystal. With a wholesale price of $3.75 including GST and shipping, our 24-pack of lightly sparkling Rose Water has an RRP of $6-7, typically selling at $6.50 with our wholesale partners.

Rose water has long been used to promote skin and hair health, as well as aid digestion and reduce stress. Our Rose Water is brewed with spring water filtered through Rose Quartz crystals, inviting in peace, compassion, positivity, and clarity. The lightly carbonated result adds a delightful fizz to your lips.

Sit back in your comfy chair, pour the Rose Water into a beautiful glass, and sip with intention. Our Rose Water is sugar-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and full of beauty. And with free shipping for stockist orders over $180, you can enjoy this product with ease and convenience.

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